Monday, July 27, 2020

The Best Maryland Crab Cakes

I realize this title might incite strong feelings in some crab cake aficionados.
So, I will say that these are the very best crab cakes that I have ever tasted. 

If you are in Baltimore, visit G&M Restaurant. You will not be disappointed.
Founded in 1974, G&M began as a pizza shop. The menu evolved over time to include seafood.

Since 1999, G&M crab cakes have won countless awards, and are recognized all over Maryland and the US as the best.

The best part - they ship crab cakes overnight to all 50 states! 

Also, the attached bakery is not to be missed. Cakes, pies, cookies & more.


So, the next time you are in Baltimore, be sure to visit G&M. It is a short ride from BWI.

If you cannot make it there, order crab cakes online and they will come to you!