Friday, December 11, 2020

Helen, Georgia - Bavarian Christmas without a Passport

Nestled in the Northeast Georgia mountains, the small town of Helen, GA is a not so hidden gem. Tourists flock to Helen for Oktoberfest, wine festivals and more. But, I think the perfect time to visit is during the holidays. The Bavarian inspired buildings occupy around 2.1 square miles, and are filled with Christmas spirit and European charm.

The history of Helen is a testament to ingenuity based on necessity. Helen rose from a logging town to reinvent itself into the third most visited city in Georgia. In 1969, an idea to turn Helen into a Bavarian inspired getaway was formed. German inspired facades, restaurants and themes transformed the town.With a population of only around 500 residents, the town welcomes around 3 million visitors a year.


For a perfect weekend getaway, add a visit to Tallulah Falls, visit the nearby State Parks, and enjoy the many trails and mountain hikes.   


Safe & Happy Travels!