Tuesday, January 8, 2019


This is a place so beautiful that I could not hope to do it justice in a blog post. Luckily, many movies are filmed here, so you have most likely caught glimpses of this otherworldly place.

What I love about Iceland -

Natural wonders, seriously there is a waterfall about every five minutes on the Ring Road.
There are beaches, rocky fields, lush green landscapes doted with sheep, and just about every landscape that you can imagine.

Getting around the exterior of the Island is simple. Visit Reykjavik and then hit the main road.

Few inhabitants (approx 338,000 in this Nordic Island Nation!)

Northern Lights (if you get lucky)

It is a dress down, no frills wardrobe kind of vacation. Jeans/leggings, boots, and scarf. Done.

I would avoid the Summer (longer days, but more tourists). September is a great shoulder season.

*Do not drive off of the Ring Road route in a rental car. Take pictures/video of the car when you pick it up and drop it off. Rent a good size SUV and get the gravel protection insurance. Trust me.

Note: there are free car washes at gas stations (you will need those), along with world famous hot dogs. Also, enjoy the Skyr yogurt.  The most pure water you will ever drink can also be found in Iceland. The geothermal landscape that provides this water also accounts for the slight sulfur smell that you may notice in the shower. It's perfectly safe.

If you are an Aviation buff or Christmas collector, Akureyri (the 2nd largest city in the North) is a must-do. Their Aviation Museum and The Christmas House are great stops along your journey.

Iceland is like no other place. Don't miss it!