Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Fiesole, Italy

Sometimes a traveler needs a quiet break from the art, shopping, and yes....crowds of Florence. Fiesole is the perfect place. Just five kilometers from Florence, this quaint hill town offers incredible views and elbow room.

Getting there is easy. Take the Number 7 Bus from Florence. You will need to purchase your bus tickets ahead of time. Tobacco shops and other retailers in Florence sell them. Look for the "T" sign hanging outside the shops that sell tickets.
As of this writing, one way bus tickets are 1.50 Euros. You will need two tickets for a round trip back to Florence.

Be sure to validate your ticket when you board the bus. Simply insert the ticket into the yellow machine on the bus. It will print a date/time stamp on the ticket.

Note: The ticket machine is not at the front of the bus with the driver, but further back among the seating.

KEEP your ticket. Inspectors sometimes board the buses and check riders' tickets. You can be fined if you do not have your validated ticket.

The town square offers cafes and al fresco dining. Enjoy the view, while savoring a great meal and quiet time.

Since the 14 century, Fiesole has been considered a getaway for the upper crust of Florence. It is still known for its expensive real estate. Aside from being a great suburb of Florence, Fiesole has notable must-sees for the traveler.

Dating back to around the 9th or 8th century BC, Fiesole has Etruscan roots and rich history.  Remains of Etruscan walls can still be seen today.

The archeological site in Fiesole offers a great example of a Roman theater and baths.

After a bit of history, stop by Bar Pasticceria Alcedo for tea and a snack. Do not miss a takeaway of almond paste cookies. They were delicious.

Of course, the ultimate reason for visiting Fiesole is to capture the incredible views overlooking Florence.

At the end of your relaxing day, you can easily catch the bus where it dropped you off in the town square.

The buses run around every 20 minutes. (check the ATAF bus website and/or the times posted at bus stops for most up-to-date information).

Happy Traveling!

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