Friday, October 25, 2019

Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Although it is off the coast of Africa, Gran Canaria is one of Spain's Islands. 
t is a popular holiday destination for Europeans, and gaining interest from travelers from around the World. Most visitors start their trip here via the Las Palmas Airport, located on Gran Canaria. It is a quick few hours flight from mainland Europe.  

Las Palmas is a good choice for a base in the Canary Islands.  The beach, restaurants and bars are all within walking distance. There are also two different bus services that offer both local service and for stops around the entire Island.  The yellow bus company called Guaguas (pronounced wah-wahs) will take you around Las Palmas. Global (blue buses) will take you just about anywhere on the island. Have cash for tickets. You can also purchase a TRANSGC card for multiple rides.

Vegueta, the city center is a beautiful area. Rich in history and architecture, it is not to be missed.

Another must-see is in Las Maspalomas in the South of the Island. The sand dunes look more like the Sahara than an island beach.

Gran Canaria is full of surprises. The quality of the street and beach art are no exception.

Canarian food has some Spanish influence (including tapas) but also has its own unique flavors.

A local favorite stop, check out this restaurant that serves Canarian favorites. You have to take a number when you arrive. Plan to wait, but it is worth it.

Gran Canaria is also a hiker's paradise.With a diverse landscape from lush greenery to a desert feel, this island has it all in one place.

If time permits, nearby islands like Tenerife should also be on your itinerary.

The Canary Islands offer much to explore. Happy Traveling!

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